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Satnam. I am Aman, a K.R.I certified Kundalini yoga student and teacher. I have been practising yoga for more than a decade now, What fascinates me the most is to experience life in its organic essence and to explore alternative healing methods to connect with the subtle offerings of life. Kundalini yoga has given me a purpose to live for, by uplifting and transforming my life through this practice. I love to see the empowering and life fulfilling impact it leaves on it’s practioners.

The Philosophy

With the practice of Kundalini yoga using breath, postures, body movements, mantras we can still our mind to a zero or Shunya state where ego dissolves, love flows and we start connecting to our higher consciousness effortlessly. This blissful yogic state can lead to infinite healing.

“There is no miracle. 
The mind is infinite when it concentrates the magnetic energy of the psyche. There are only two things: energy and matter. Any composition, permutation of any energy into matter and matter into energy, can be caused by a disciplined mental concentration. That mental concentration is in you, it is not outside”.

-Yogi Bhajan

Kundalini Yoga


There is a very powerful psychic power under the navel point. It sits there like a cobra snake and when it wakes up, it travels through the six centers of the body and awakens them with its touch. When it touches the seventh center, the man knows all. When it Inter- mingles with the aura, it delightfully enlightens the arc line and makes everything work out for the person

 — Yogi Bhajan

Kundalini comes from the Sanskrit word Kundal, which means coil or spiral. kundalini is an energy that exists within every human at the base of the spine, which is often in a dormant state. Many describe kundalini as the coil of the hair of the beloved. The beloved is God, Spirit, and the universe – whatever you want to call it. The kundalini is that piece of God, Spirit, and the universal intelligence within us.


“I always look forward to your classes whenever you’re in Canada. I felt so grounded and calm in that energetic class. What I loved most about the class, was that it was very focused on the fact that you are exactly where you need to be.”


Komal Dhanoak

Student, Vancouver

“We are always so very grateful for our presentations offered seasonally by Aman. She is a ray of light, and a blessing to those she shares her light with.” 



Westcoast Yoga and Wellness, Whiterock, BC, Canada

I strongly recommend her classes.Ms. Aman Kaur’s Kundalini Meditation sessions are very Effective. She has been guest visiting us at our consultancy and all the attendees had a very fruitful experience since her sessions give a sense of Healing both spiritually and emotionally. 

Dr. Nadia Buhannad

Founder and CEO, Nadia Buhannad Development & Guidance

“Kundalini Yoga has profoundly uplifted and transformed my life. I strongly recommend this practice and Aman’s classes, especially to people who feel lonely and depressed. 

Pushpinder Kaur

Managing Partner, Speedum Tech Mohali

“I really experienced a different level of yoga and meditation with the sessions I had with you in Dubai which led me to want to pursue it more hopefully in the near future. Your mediation techniques are so uplifting and takes you to another transition”

Nadine Salman

Founder, Miss Meow Grooming

Ready to experience a regular class?

Contact me for regular yoga classes at Shunya Yoga and wellness in Mohali. A small inviting space for yoga enthusiasts to practice yoga and mindfulness. I along with my students regularly infuse it with high vibrational energy with long meditations, chanting and music. As a result the space adds on to your overall wellness experience.

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