About Me

This is Aman

Aman Siri Akal Kaur is an internationally certified kundalini yoga practitioner and teacher. Her yoga journey began during her college days in Chandigarh, just to break the monotony of hostel life and academics. In the beginning it was more of an on and off relationship with yoga, with time she started realising the importance of yoga in everyday living for self reliance and emotional balance.

After exploring yoga in many forms she fell in love with Kundalini yoga during her first class in Malaysia in 2008 which was a life transforming experience for her. Reading yogi bhajan’s quote ‘if you want to master something teach it’ inspired her to become a teacher. She took her teacher training with Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, one of the most sought after teachers of kundalini yoga in rishikesh in 2013.

Since then she is been teaching people from all walks of life taking one on one sessions to group workshops. Her classes are meant for all age groups and physical levels.


What I love most about kundalini yoga is the variety of teachings it offer and the immediate, feel good effect it has on practioners. It has been an honour and a priveledge to share these teachings with everyone in India and abroad and I wish to serve and and share these teachings as biggest gift of my destiny for always.”


Ready to experience a regular class?

Contact me for regular yoga classes at Shunya Yoga and wellness in Mohali. A small inviting space for yoga enthusiasts to practice yoga and mindfulness. I along with my students regularly infuse it with high vibrational energy with long meditations, chanting and music. As a result the space adds on to your overall wellness experience.

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