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Ayurveda and Yoga

Ayurveda and yoga retreat. Ayurveda is the ancient Indian science of life and healing, which dates back more than 5000 years. It is the oldest system of healthcare known to mankind. The practice of Ayurveda principles purifies our body and eliminates toxins. All Ayurveda therapies help in building our system’s immunity and promoting health.

What can be more rejuvenating for body,mind and soul than combining yoga, meditation with Ayurveda in its authentic locations. This healing retreat is designed for a complete physical, mental makeover.


How does it work, well both Ayurveda and yoga have their origin in the Vedic tradition of India and both are a means to gain better health. Yoga practitioners can benefit from the Ayurveda, for example, Abhyanga (Ayurvedic massage) helps remove toxins from the body and relaxes the muscles for yoga practice. Balance, prevention and self care are the most important part of yoga and Ayurveda.

Experiencing both yoga and Ayurveda together in these immersions provide us with an opportunity to incorporate a healthy lifestyle in everyday living. Whether you are looking for a mental detox, a physical detox or just a way to be in harmony with your body, mind and soul for good health and longevity, these wellness retreats can lead to a new awakening.

Our Program Includes

Stay at a luxury resort

Pick and drop from the airport

Daily Yoga and meditation classes

Ayurveda therapies

Other activities planned to meet the group needs

All Meals

Himalayan Bliss

Himalayan bliss If you are looking for a peaceful, relaxing nature escape. This one is for you. Designed for deep introspection in the mountains to discover self love and authenticity, you will return home completely rejuvenated. The beautiful Himalayan experience could range from mystical Rishikesh to fun filled apple orchards in Shimla.

How does it work?
Sometimes to go deep within we need a disconnect from the outside world, so that we can listen to our own higher self. Daily monotonous routine don’t only make us stressful and lethargic, it takes away innocence and vitality from us.

Since time immemorial yogis have chosen high altitude places to experience organic way of living. Pranayama, Asanas and meditation becomes manifold beneficial when we practice them in vibrant, natural environment . Organic, local food combined with yoga and meditation in the lap of nature can be a soul nourishing experience for you.


Our Program Includes

Luxury Stay at a Private Property or Wellness Resort

All Meals

Daily Yoga and meditation classes

Other activities planned to meet the group needs


I offer these workshops on regular basis in India and abroad ,specially meant for women and teenagers to relax and rejuvenate by clearing the subconscious of disturbing emotions,fears,insecurities .These workshop provide you with an opportunity to reinstate your confidence by letting go of the self created blocks and inhibitions and connecting to your innate organic self by resolving the inner conflicts. A platform for discussing yogic philosophy, deepening yoga practice and meditating with like minded individuals.


Whether you are a seasoned yogi or a beginner you can connect to the classes at all levels. People with busy lifestyle and occupations can benefit most in limited period of time through these workshops. Each workshop is based on a unique theme or focus ,ranging from pranayama series to prosperity kriyas, healing the wounds of love, spiritual heart -warrior series, balancing the five elements etc. You can choose and participate according to your individual needs and interest. My personal favourite are destress workshops involving body movement kriyas that help in releasing stress, brings out creativity in us and connects us to our divine feminine self. The best part about these teachings are the experience. It goes right to your heart. No words can replace your experience.

Workshops Aim at

Establishing authentic relationship with our own self

Becoming intuitive and self reliant

Emotional and physical detox

Improved vitality and strength

Balancing the Chakras

Physical and mental flexibility

Custom Yoga Retreats

If you are 5 or more in number reach out for a Customized yoga retreat .We will be happy to design a retreat for you !!!

Ready to experience a regular class?

Contact me for regular yoga classes at Shunya Yoga and wellness in Mohali. A small inviting space for yoga enthusiasts to practice yoga and mindfulness. I along with my students regularly infuse it with high vibrational energy with long meditations, chanting and music. As a result the space adds on to your overall wellness experience.

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